As part of the Rotary network, Rotaractors have the opportunity to participate in many global activities These include international and local conferences, joining Rotary fellowships, joining local Rotary/Rotaract meetings, or participating in various leadership education. Each year, we encourage our members to attend their local District functions. We also encourage our members to attend the Rotary International Convention, the Rotaract Preconvention, the Global Peace Conference, or Interota. Visit to learn more about these opportunities.

Opportunities you have access to after obtaining full membership:

Rotaract News Group

Rotaractors have used this group to foster excellent discussion, ask questions, promote events, create international partnerships, and more - and we want to continue that! The group is a(n unofficial) moderated discussion forum for all things Rotaract!

Rotaract Travel Group

This group was created by the Rotaract Club of NILE PALACE from Cairo - Egypt, for Rotaractors ALL OVER THE WORLD, known by other Rotaractors to share host or travel ideas. If you have a coach for someone or if you need a coach stay during your travels see who is available in that part of the world to give guidance and support. Maybe you'll make a new friend during a lunch hour or flight layover.


Interota is a triennial worldwide Rotaract meeting organized by Rotaractors and hosted on a rotating basis in different cities. First held in Jonnasberg, South Africa in 1981, Interota has been subsequently held in a number of countries, including Australia, UK, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Egypt, and Canada.

Interota is the only international Rotaract conference recognized by the Board of Rotary International. Rotary International supports Interota by approving its program content and ensuring that RI leadership is represented at the event.

Rotaract Preconvention

The Rotaract Preconvention is the perfect opportunity to network with Rotaractors and Rotarians from around the world. Increase your Rotaract knowledge, learn and share best practices, and build new relationships while exploring Houston.


Join us for two full days of general sessions, breakout sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities for all registrants. A full program should be available in mid-Spring.

Who can attend?

The Rotaract Preconvention is open to all Rotaractors, program alumni, and Rotarians interested in Rotaract.

MDIO Big West Rotaract

Big West Rotaract is a non-profit organization that provides leadership training and education for members of Rotaract clubs.

Big West Rotaract is affiliated with Rotary International as a registered Multi District Information Organization (MDIO). Big West Rotaract MDIO is composed of member-districts. All clubs within those districts are asked to send at least one representative to each of the Big West Rotaract major annual events, including the Big West Rotaract Institute and Big West Rotaract Conference.

Beyond leadership development and education, Big West Rotaract also provides auxiliary services for Rotaractors -- including but not limited to regional support, regional summits, awards, and grants.