Club Meetings

No Borders hosts at least two meets each month and members are only required to attend one based on their time zone. Meeting times are selected each quarter so that as many members can attend as possible. Meetings are held over Discord or ZOOM.


Socials and Fellowship activities are held every quarter and are planned by our club Fellowship Committee. Additional opportunities are planned and shared by members as things come up so there is no limit to how much time is spent engaging with one another.

Discord Server

Every member is added to our No Borders Discord. This is where events, meetings, and forms are actively shared. Discord also allows members to message/call one another. Each month, social posts, updates and questions of the week are broadcasted out so that everyone can get to know someone new.

Time Commitment: Members are asked to carve out about 5 hours a month. This looks slightly different for those who take on additional leadership roles within the club. Your 5 hours will be spent participating in Leadership Activities, Service Project, and Fellowship with fellow Rotaractors and Rotarians. Each area may take between 1-2 hours of your time.

Trial Membership: Once you have submitted an interest form, a member of our board will reach out to set-up a one-on-one to get to know you. This is typically held over Zoom or Google Meet. Following this meeting individuals will have an opportunity to do a three month Trial Membership to see if No Borders is the right club for them. After the three month period, if the Trial member agrees they would like to stay and be a full member, then a vote is sent to the board. Trial members are not required to pay dues during their trial and will be paired with a senior member to help them navigate being in our online club.