Club Leadership 2022-23


Name: Zoe Hershenson

Vocation: Freelance Writer and Proofreader

Home Country: United States of America

Vice President / President-Elect

Name: Aishwarya Saxena

Vocation: Education

Home Country: India


Name: Anja Jungmayr

Vocation: Environmentalism

Home Country: Austria


Name: Sierra Mayer

Vocation: Teaching & Art

Home Country: United States of America

Member at Large

Name: Anshuman Nayak (Moon)

Vocation: Defence R&D, Government of India

Home Country: India

Immediate Past President

Name: Karl Uzcategui

Vocation: Higher Education Administration

Home Country: United States of America

Past Presidents

2020-2021: Bola-Ige Alabi-Efeshodiamhe

2019-2020: Stephen Mast

2018-2019: Matthew Bateman

2017-2018: Pattie Mackenzie

2016-2017: Manuel Pascual Lorenzo

2015-2016: Cheyanne Rico