Dues are broken down by the World Bank classification and are at a tiered system with the lowest tier totaling the amount required by Rotary International per member dues.

The Club Treasurer will let members know within the first two weeks of the new service year what the dues will be using the most current World Bank Classification. There may be a small transaction fee that is added depending on the method a member submits their dues to cover the cost (ex. Paypal). Dues are not required for the first three months an individual is on Trial Membership.

We never want to turn someone a way because of dues, so if dues are an issue with your budget, you will be able to reach out to our Club Treasurer about sponsorship options. These sponsorships are on a Needs-Basis. Once your membership request form has been processed you will obtain a direct chat channel to connect with any officer of the club directly through Discord. Once on Discord, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Club Treasurer with questions about sponsorship.

  • (Tier 1) Low ($8 USD)

  • (Tier 2) Lower-Middle ($16 USD)

  • (Tier 3) Upper-Middle and High ($24 USD)

Trial Member Information: Once you have submitted an interest form, a member of our board will reach out to set-up a one-on-one to get to know you. This is typically held over Zoom or Google Meet. Following this meeting individuals will have an opportunity to do a three month Trial Membership to see if No Borders is the right club for them. After the three month period, if the Trial member agrees they would like to stay and be a full member, then a vote is sent to the board. Trial members are not required to pay dues during their trial and will be paired with a senior member to help them navigate being in our online club.