• Chartered in August 2015

    • First President - Cheyanne Rico from Oregon, USA

    • Sponsored by the State of Jefferson Rotary eClub

  • Member of Rotary International District 5110

  • Member of the Big West Rotaract MDIO

Founding Projects

Navajo Solar Lights Project - Raised $1660+ USD (Past)

Our Goal was to provide 2 solar light packages to the Navajo Reservation in northern New Mexico. When a light is charged for 4 hours, it provides 6 full hours of lighting and energy. Each solar installation kit included the following:

      • One 6 square foot solar array

      • Three lithium iodide batteries and LED light fixtures- which are placed at the choosing of the residents who live there and can be used as a flashlight

      • Installation wiring

      • A separate electrical line for charging low-powered devices

    • The Navajo reservation is 27,000 square miles and home to over 300,000 Native Americans. There are not many paved roads and electricity cannot be provided far beyond those roads so this leaves many families without electricity that they need at night.

    • We partnered with the State of Jefferson Rotary eClub in Oregon, USA and Durango Daybreak Rotary Club in Colorado, USA.

    • Combined donations with these clubs was over 30 solar lights

Grow Guatemala - Raised $2500+ USD (Past)

Our Rotaract Club worked with a non-profit organization, Adopt-A-Village Guatemala (AAV), to support a Child Nutrition Project. We raised funds to support the organization’s Sustainable Agriculture Program to help eradicate malnutrition in rural Guatemalan villages. Funding provided:

    • Purchase 3 water tanks to collect rain water that is used to provide water during the dry season. The donation included:

      • Three 2500 liter Rotoplas water tanks

      • Transportation of tanks to site

      • Building materials (cement, sand, stone)

      • Two labor hands to install the tanks

    • Medication and hygiene products

      • Provided de-worming medication to clear parasites out of the children’s bodies

      • Purchased soap to teach hand-washing and safe food preparation techniques

      • Sent two volunteers to Guatemala to help execute the project

    • Provided $500 in support for Avelino’s brother who incurred medical expenses after an accident

  • We partnered with the Grant’s Pass Rotary Club in Oregon, USA

  • Large donors were given hand-made products from Guatemala as a thank you gift for their support

Avelino Sponsorship - Raised $250 USD annually (On-going)

Sponsorship of a boy named Avelino from Guatemala

    • Pays for his education fees