Club Committees

No Borders has three standing committees


This committee is responsible for member engagement. They track member attendance, getting individuals engaged in club activities, creating opportunities to socialize and build fellowship, and are responsible for highlighting members special moments in collaboration with the Marketing committee. This committee also develops a comprehensive professional development program designed to expand networks, allow members to exchange ideas with other leaders, and build skills through leadership training. The Member-at-Large serves as the chair of this committee.

Marketing & Finance

This committee is responsible for marketing and fundraising. This committee takes the shape of a traditional Finance committee. The committee is responsible for maintaining the club website, maintaining the club social media pages, coordinating public relations, developing a new member recruitment strategy, and promoting club members and activities through our online platforms. They shall devise strategies to finance club activities requiring funds, and work with other committees and club members to execute those strategies. The Treasurer serves as the chair of this committee.


This committee identifies opportunities in order to plan and implement service projects designed to create sustainable change that directly benefits the international community and/or the club members local communities, involving all or most of the club membership. These activities will ideally include at least one partnership with another Rotaract or Rotary club. They also manage the project proposal submission process and work with members and non-members to generate project ideas. The Secretary serves as the chair of this committee.

Committees currently meet for 30-45 minutes during our general club meetings. Committees will plan, organize, and support one of the three areas listed above. Each member of No Borders is assigned a committee that is chaired by a board member. Individuals looking to take on additional leadership, have the opportunity to serve as a Co-Chair/Recording Secretary.

Unable to attend a committee meeting because of your time? No Problem! The Chair can work with you 1:on:1.