10X10 Tree Planting – Project 2017-19

In honor of Earth Day, April 22nd 2018, we launched a tree planting project. The goal of the project is to have every member of the NoBorders Rotaract invite 10 people to plant 1 tree each with them. They can do the activity together, or they can use this as a “challenge” and ask people to plant them on their own. The goal would be that every member ends up planting 10 trees with their network. The goal for the club is 100 trees! This was our current Rotary International President’s challenge to all Rotarians – plant 1 tree. We want to take that up a notch with our 10X10 project.

For members that are located in an area that doesn’t need new trees, we’ve encouraged them to volunteer locally at a community garden, clean up weeds, or start their own garden! This project has continued beyond 2018, and we are still allowing members to participate in 2019 and beyond.