The No Borders Club socializes primarily through virtual hangouts, calls, emails, texts and social media. A big piece of Rotaract is socials – but since we are virtual, we do our socials in a different way. Each week we catch up with each other using our Slack Channel through a “weekly check in.” We also do more formal socials such as watching documentaries together online, participating in exchanges, or gaming together on virtual platforms. We encourage our members to reach out to local Rotary and Rotaract clubs in their area to build local relationships. Through these relationships, they have even more opportunities to volunteer and grow both personally and professionally.

Forums & Facebook Groups

Once you are a member of our club you will be invited to our private Slack Channel. We encourage individuals looking to learn more about Rotaract and to join one of the Facebook groups provided below:

Rotaract Group

Rotaract Couch

Rotaract Discussion

Conferences and Travel

We also encourage our members to join Rotary and Rotaract cultural exchanges. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of some of the great conferences for Rotarians and Rotaractors. In particular, we try and attend our local district conference as well as the Rotary International Convention. Thanks to generous sponsorships from our sponsor Rotary club, we have the capacity to help Rotaractors attend some of these great opportunities.

Another opportunity for Rotaractors is Rotaract Round Trips. What are Rotaract Round Trips? Rotaract Round Trips are touristic trips lasting usually one to two weeks, organized jointly either by clubs from the whole country or from a specific district/region. The program usually includes traveling from city to city, where local Rotaract clubs organize cultural programs and fun time (lots of it). Participants only pay a small fee and take care of their return ticket home.

Competition for a place on such a trip is high – sometimes more than 10 applications are filled in for every single place. Here are a few examples of trips:


Clubs within Clubs?

As a Rotaractor, you can also join Rotary Fellowships and Rotary Action Groups. A Rotary Fellowship is like a mini club for Rotarians and Rotaractors that focuses on a specific hobby or interest. There are groups for all sorts of things like beer drinking, musicians, scuba diving, motorcycling, travel and hosting, skiing, and even professional groups like genealogists, lawyers, and corporate social responsibility. Rotary Action Groups are focused more on causes such as peace, hunger, polio survival, slavery prevention, and environmental sustainability. Check out their websites to learn more!