Why Join Our Club?

Rotaract is a global organization that empowers students and young professionals to create positive change in their local communities and around the world. Rotaract provides unique opportunities that assist its members in becoming the business and professional leaders of tomorrow. Members engage in a wide range of activities including social, professional, and service events.

Make Friends – Our club is particularly interesting because we cross borders! With a goal to have members from 20 countries by 2020, we are striving to be a culturally diverse club that makes an impact around the world. This comes with a lot of challenges, but our members are people who don’t mind a challenge. Our club has a particular focus on virtually engaging our global community. We strive to connect people from around the world to the great work that Rotaract and Rotary are doing.

Professional Development – Rotaract connects you to a network of business, professional, and community leaders to facilitate the development of your personal and professional skills. We collaborate with industry experts to share stories and guidance, invite motivational speakers to meetings, and regularly engage in training on personal growth areas including leadership and communication.

Service Projects – Through community and international service projects, Rotaractors help improve the lives of the people around them. The primary focus is on community service, from a couple of hours volunteering in your local area, to working internationally with partners overseas to build sustainable projects that address local needs. We support a range of organizations in our community and around the world.

Global Resource – Sponsored by Rotary International, Rotaractors are part of a worldwide organization of 250,000+ individuals in 10,000+ clubs covering 180+ countries. National and international Rotaract conferences and Round Trips allow you to network with Rotaractors from around the world and build cultural understanding, trust and friendships.


What are the benefits?

Develop Leadership Skills

Create Something New

Expand Your Global Network

Build Cultural Understanding

Serve Your Community

Grow Your Professional Skills

Becoming a Member

All of our new members go through an initial interview, and if approved, they become a trial member. As a trial member, you have access to all of membership features, but we will not ask you to pay dues until we heave determined whether or not the No Borders club is a good fit for you. The trial period lasts a minimum of 3 months, depending on whether or not the member adjusts quickly to the club format. Online Rotaract clubs are a new concept, so we want to make sure that we have proactive members that aren’t afraid to speak up and jump in to help us achieve our goals.

Sound like a good fit for you?

Fill out our membership application form to express your interest in joining the club. From there, someone from our club will be in contact to schedule your first interview and answer any questions that you have.