How We Commit

Each member commits to attending at least 60% of our meetings. All of our meetings are held virtually which means you can participate anywhere with an internet connection. We have two online meetings per month that have topics such as leadership, professional development skills, humanitarian efforts, causes we care about, as well as innovation through the Rotary community.

We also connect regularly through our Slack Communication App. We regularly post updates and engage with members in this group. We check in weekly through a post and share updates on our week and what’s been happening in our lives. It’s a great way to stay connected, even though life can get pretty busy.

It is not a requirement, but it is highly suggested that our members speak English due to our club hosting many online calls. We want all of our members to feel engaged, and without being able to engage on calls, it can be hard to feel as connected.


Our Committees

We also have 3 committees that our members can join – Service, Fellowship, or Marketing & Finance. These committees meet at least once per month to plan activities for the club or strategize ways to improve the club, keep members happy and engaged, and recruit new members.


The Service Committee plans at least 2 featured projects throughout the year. They also encourage members to volunteer locally in their community, ideally with local nonprofits or with their local Rotary, Rotaract or Interact clubs.


The Fellowship Committee plans monthly social activities for members. This could be through book club, documentary screenings, discussions, virtual coffee hangout, etc. They also welcome new members and try and keep our members engaged and happy.

Marketing & Finance

The Marketing & Finance Committee manages our online presence, secures speakers for monthly meetings, updates the member dashboard, monitors our online forums, and manages all the administrative aspects of the club.

Attending Conferences

We also encourage our members to attend district, national, and global Rotary/Rotaract conferences. As a Rotaractor, there are many opportunities to attend conferences at a discounted rate. When needed, our sponsor club also offers some additional financial support to help our members attend some of these exciting opportunities.

Rotary International Convention

District 5110 Conference

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards