Over the past year, our club members have been actively working in their communities towards a goal that was originally set by the 2017-18 Rotary International President, Ian H.S. Riseley. He challenged every Rotarian to plant a tree for each of their members. With our focus for that year being our homelessness project, we decided to postpone our involvement. Since the start of our project, almost 2000 trees have been planted across the world either directly or indirectly by our club.

Alejandro was the first to participate in the activity. In Mexico, he planted 2 trees and had 2 of his friends plant trees as well – a total of 4 to kick off the project.

In June of last year, Amanda and Stephen volunteered to pull up invasive plant species, most notably the invasive yellow star thistle. These weeds take over the landscape by choking out native species and providing little to no benefit to the local ecosystem. The project was put on by the Klamath-Siskyou (KS) Wild conservation group and it lasted 3 hours with around 10 volunteers.

Taha from Yemen, participated in our tree planting project in partnership with Social Fund. The group got together in April of this year and planted trees in tourist and residential areas in his community. In total, they planted 314 trees.

Pattie in New Zealand participated in our tree planting challenge. She volunteered with a local organisation, Trees For Canterbury, who organised a community planting day. In total, the group planted over 1600 native trees! She planted just 3 herself then decided to stick to mulching each tree after someone else planted them. She said she easily mulched over 50 trees. She went with a group of friends and said she plans to do another planting in the future with the Trees for Canterbury Group.

In Oregon, tree planting isn’t as much of a need so they decided to do river clean-ups. In May of this year, Stephen and Amanda partnered with Wild Rogue Wilderness; West of Grants Pass They picked up three bags of trash and two tires which had to be hauled back through the bush to be disposed of. It was Stephens birthday while he was there, so thank you Stephen for spending your birthday making a difference in the world! Sierra also did a river clean up with a small group of community members. They picked up three bags of trash, plus a big piece of wood along the Deschutes River.

We hope to continue this project throughout the 2019-20 year as well to try and get even more members to participate. With 4 countries participating, and close to 2,000 tree’s planted, we feel this has been a very good project for our virtual club to do.