The 2017-18 year was a very exciting time for Rotaractors around the world. Together, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Rotaract! We also worked with the 2017-18 RI President to execute his theme – Rotary Making A Difference. With over 1.5 million people in the Rotary family around the world, we are making a huge impact!

At the NoBorders Rotaract Club, the time has come for the current Board of Directors to step down and make way for a new group of leaders. This past year was off to a bumpy start, but we were able to create a great plan and execute a lot of our goals. Early on in the year, the Board of Directors, Pattie Mackenzie (Presdient), Matthew Bateman (Vice Presdient), Alejandro Rios (Secretary), Jacob Colmenero (Treasurer) and Amanda MCracken (Member at Large), create a strategic plan (view the PDF here: 2017-18 Strategic Plan)

Throughout the year, they worked on many of the goals, achieving all but 3 of their 12 goals! They decided to split their focus into three main areas: Administrative, Service and Marketing Goals.

Within the area of Administrative Goals, they achieved all but one goal. Goal number 1 was unfortunately not achieved due to the slow start in updating the website. After some time, the BOD determined that they needed to move the website to a completely new platform so that it was easier for contributors to make changes. After months of research and content creation, the new website was launched in June 2018.  Goal number 2 was close to complete, with all meeting minutes being made available on Google Drive by the end of the year. Most meeting minutes were posted online within 1-2 weeks of meeting. Goal number 3 was easily achieved as our spending was quite low in 2017-18. Goal number 4 was achieved as the club worked to have a monthly speaker series. We had some fantastic speakers talk to the club on a monthly basis from September to April. The series was successful, but we determined we need to find a better time to meet so that more members can attend rather than focusing the schedule around speakers. That way we get optimal turnout which is better for our member participation and better for our speakers who are taking their valuable time to share with us. We plan to tweak this and re-launch in the coming year.

The second area of focus was Service Goals. All four goals were achieved by the end of the year! The club launched a few projects and continued some old projects like the Homelessness Help Bag Project. Through that project, club members partnered with local Rotary and Rotaract clubs as well as other community members to pack over 75 bags of hygiene products for local communities. The club also launched a Tree Planting project in honor of the 2017-18 RI Presidents goal of planting 1 tree for every Rotary member. Though we didn’t achieve our goal of one tree per member, we have had members support the planting of 4 trees and they’ve volunteered to clean up weeds in the local community. We plan to continue both of these projects in the new Rotary year. The final project was a donation to Adopt-a-Village Guatemala, where we sponsored 1 child to go to school. We also created a process for submitting new projects, but it may need to be revised in the coming year to make it even more simple to submit ideas.

The last area of focus was Marketing Goals.  Only two of the four goals was completed however, we’re really proud of those goals! It was a very long process, but by the end of the year, we created and launched our new website! We had a total of 6 new member submissions with 5 becoming prospective members and 2 becoming permanent members. Though we didn’t have our members speak to other clubs each quarter, we did have one of our members attend the Rotary International Convention and Rotaract PreConvention in Toronto, Canada. We also had more cross-participation between our club and our sponsor Rotary Club, the State of Jefferson Rotary Club.  We also created many template marketing materials and rebranded our look, but would like to create even more including template presentations, fliers, and other items.

“The year was off to a slow start, with lots of re-organizing and getting people re-committed to the club. It took some time, but throughout the year we built stronger trust, better communication, and started to find our voice as a club. I think it will take more time to figure out our routine as an e-club, but I’m so excited to support the new BOD this year in doing that. I want to say thank you so much to our members for hanging in there and trying new things and I want to give a BIG shout out to our 2017-18 BOD members. They were so instrumental in keeping things moving forward and getting focused on our goals. With many of our BOD members continuing to serve this year, I’m excited to see what we will accomplish as a club. I’m looking forward to the coming Rotary year!” – Pattie Mackenzie, 2017-18 President of NoBorders Rotaract

The elections have completed and we have a new BOD that will officially launch at our “Change-Over Meeting” at a time TBD. We’ll share that meeting information with all of our members very soon! At that meeting, our new BOD will announce their top priorities for the year. In the mean time, keep an eye out on our Facebook page and our blog for updates!